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The new Consumer Management Portal (CMP) allows a customer to see all invoices and quotes that your company has created for them. It gives them the ability to pay invoices while also accepting and making deposits on a quote. Consumer Management Portal also allows your customers to request service, which will notify your dispatchers so they can schedule a work order. Use the information in this article to learn how to use the Consumer Management Portal.


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Before you can begin using the Consumer Management Portal, you'll need to make sure that you've set up your communication templates. Use the steps below to verify or add the required links to your outgoing communication templates.

1. First, click on Settings and choose Communication Templates.

2. Next, click the template dropdown and select Invoice/Quote.

3. From the right side, drag the [consumer_portal] link to the email body.

  • Note: You'll want to place this link in the appropriate spot of your email messaging. We recommend something like this: If you would like to create an account with us so you can view all your invoices and quotes, make payments, and request service, click this link instead. 

4. Repeat step 3 for the Invoice Only and Quote Only templates.

Once you have the above steps complete, the link will automatically be sent to your customers when you send them an invoice or quote.

Handling Appointment Requests

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When a customer logs into the Consumer Management Portal, they'll have the option to request service. Knowing how to handle these requests is crucial. Follow the steps below to learn how to manage appointment requests.

1. Click on the Leads icon, found at the top of the navigation bar

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2. Next, click Accept if you plan on performing this request.

  • Note: You should generally do this even if you will not be able to honor the date the customer requested. If you select Reject, be sure to contact the customer to let them know why you cannot help them with their particular request.

3. Finally, click the Create Work Order button to fill out the details of this work order.

At this point, you can schedule the workorder as you normally would. You do not have to honor the customer's request for the specified date or time, but you should communicate with them now to let them know that you received their request and when you can have a technician at their location.

Account Creation

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When you send an invoice or quote, your customer will need to create an account the first time they try to log into the Consumer Management Portal. You can see the steps below to help assist your customers with account creation.

1. When the customer gets the email and clicks on the link, they will be taken to the page shown in the image below.

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2. Have them start by clicking the Sign up now link.

3. Next, enter the email address where you sent the invitation and click Send verification code.

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4. Once the customer gets the confirmation email, copy the code from the email and enter it into the field, then fill out the rest of the fields and click Create

Viewing and Paying Invoices

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When your customers have created an account, they can start viewing and paying their invoices. Your customers will need to follow the steps below to view and pay invoices.

1. Once logged into the Consumer Management Portal, click either of the highlighted areas shown in the image below to see a list of invoices with a balance due.

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2. Next, click the Pay Now button to view the invoice. This will also give you the option to pay it.

You can also change the filters to see paid invoices or just those for a certain property associated with your account.

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  • Note: There may be times when you'll receive a notification that all future payments must be made in QuickBooks. When you receive this message you will not be able to pay them through the Consumer Management Portal and will need to apply those payments in QuickBooks instead. Refer to the image below as an example.image (1).png


Viewing, Accepting, and Making Deposits on Quotes

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Just like with invoices, when a customer has logged into the Consumer Management Portal they can view, accept, and make a deposit on any of their quotes. Use the instructions below to see how a customer can accomplish these steps.

1. First, click the Quotes link on the lefthand navigation section to see all pending quotes. You can also view pending quotes from the Snapshot page by clicking the Review button.

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2. When clicking the Review button, you can view your quote and you'll be given the option to Accept it and place a deposit.

You can change the filters to see expired or accepted quotes, or just those for a certain property associated with your account.

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Requesting Service

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Customers will also have the option of requesting an appointment for service. Use the steps below to learn how a customer can request service.

1. First, click Appointments in the lefthand navigation section.

2. Next, click the Request Appointment button.

3. Verify or select the address that is needing service.

4. Enter the information for your phone number, the reason you need service, and pick a desired date that you would like the service to be performed.

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5. Finally, click Submit to send your request to the company that will perform your service. Someone should get back to you shortly to confirm your request.

My Account

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The My Account section allows you to edit your username and password, and add, change, or delete your saved payment method. You can also change which company you are looking at if you used the same email address for both an electrical and HVAC contractor.

Important Information

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Below are some key bullet points that may impact how you can use the Consumer Management Portal. Make sure you review these points and if you have any questions, reach out to a FieldEdge Support Agent.

  • When using Proposal Pro, customers will need to accept the quote through the email that is sent from Proposal Pro.
  • Already partially paid invoices in the Member's accounting system cannot be paid in the Consumer Management Portal.
  • Customers can only sign up using an email address associated with the email record listed in FieldEdge.
  • When requesting service, the customer can only select from an address that already exists in FieldEdge.
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