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FieldEdge has added another exciting integration in the form of FleetSharp. With this integration you'll be able to see the location of your vehicles on the map, to aid in dispatching. It will also help you keep better track of time by automatically clocking your employees in and out based on their location. Be sure to take a look at our recent webinar, giving even further details and showcasing FieldEdge and FleetSharp in Action!


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You'll first need to make sure that the integration is set up and the API token is created. Use the following steps to set up the FleetSharp integration.

1. Login to FleetSharp to get the API key needed for the integration.

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on the API/Developers link on the lefthand navigation pane.

4. Click the Create New API Token button.

5. Triple-click the most recent API key to select it all. This should have today's date on it.

6. Right-click the selected API key and select Copy.

7. Now, login to FieldEdge and go to Settings | FleetSharp.

8. Click the Settings tab on that page.

9. Click the Edit button for the API key and paste in the API key you copied earlier and click Continue

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10. You will now be able to match the vehicles you have set up in FleetSharp with your employees in FieldEdge. This should appear automatically, but you can return to this at any point by clicking the Edit button next to Employees on the FleetSharp Settings page. Click Save when you're done.

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The following section will walk you through how to use the FleetSharp integration and its features. You can also view our training article and video on FleetSharp and Payroll Integration

View Vehicle Locations

The location of your vehicles will appear automatically on the map on the Dispatch board. This allows you to quickly see your vehicles in relation to the work order you select. 

Set Tech's Location and Work Orders

To help optimize your technician’s route you can select the technician from the drop down in the map. This will clear the map of all other vehicles and just show the selected vehicle and all of the work orders assigned to it. Clicking any other work order will show you how that fits into the technician’s route. 

Set Time Entry Defaults

When integrating with FleetSharp you can automate when your employees clock in and out based on their location. You can also automatically update time entries to reflect the times when employees actually arrived and departed. 

1. Go to Settings | Global Settings.

2. Scroll down to the FleetSharp section for the Time Entries Settings.

3. Change the Clock In and Clock Out settings to show how you would like this set for the majority of your employees. These are only defaults and can be changed on a per-employee basis.

4. Select the checkboxes if desired to automatically update the working time on work orders to when the employee arrives and departs. This applies to all employees.

5. Click Save to retain your changes.

Customizing Clock In and Clock Settings Per Employee

Now that your defaults are set, you can make the clock-in and out triggers for a particular employee different from the defaults by following these steps. 

1. Go to Settings | Time Entries.

2. Pick an Employee from the list. An employee must have worked at some point during the week in order to show here. If you don’t see the employee you want to modify, change the Week Ending filter until you find a week they did work in.

3. Click the Adjust Rules button.

4. Change the Clock In and Clock Out values and click Save.

Updating Working Time Entries

Sometimes employees forget to clock into a work order immediately when they arrive or don’t clock off when they are done. You can use the time the employee enters or leaves the geofence to change the start and end of their working time to get a more accurate picture of how much time they actually spent there.

1. Go to Settings | Global Settings.

2. Scroll down to the FleetSharp section of the Time Entries Settings.

3. Check the box next to Update working time when entering geofence to update the start of the working time to match when the vehicle enters the work site.

4. Check the box next to Update completed time when leaving geofence to update the end of the working time to match when the vehicle leaves the work order site.

5. Click Save to retain your changes. These changes will be applied to all employees. 


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Issue: Nothing with the integration seems to be working

  • Resolution: Repeat the setup steps.

Issue: A geofence is not created in FleetSharp when I create a work order.

  • Resolution: Edit the customer in FieldEdge. Try changing the address slightly and saving. If you get an error saying the address could not be verified, that address will not be sent to FleetSharp as it cannot be found. Try looking up the address in Google Maps. If you can find it that way, enter the address in FieldEdge EXACTLY how it appears in Google Maps and it should resolve the issue.
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