Release Notes: July 28, 2023



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Welcome back to another exciting FieldEdge release. With this release, we're making crucial changes that are required for companies to comply with new SMS messaging. This release is small but very impactful, as companies that are using SMS messaging will need to make sure they comply with new FCC regulations, and FieldEdge is here to help make that as easy as possible. Be sure to check out the updates with this release and reach out to us if you have any questions.

Office Updates

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Twilio Update for SMS Usage

To conform with new FCC regulations around texting and spam, Twilio is requiring that all companies that use applications to send text messages, be registered and assigned to a messaging service company. Because of this regulation, we've built a tool that will allow members to fill out company and campaign registration forms to be communicated directly to Twilio. Users will see a banner warning until they have successfully registered. Click HERE for more information on registration and the FCC regulations.

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