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We're excited to bring to you the new FieldEdge Basic mobile application. This new application is a redesign for the FieldEdge Basic user license, and allows for improved usability and modernization of the user interface, all inspired by member feedback. This article will showcase the new designs being introduced, and the video below will give a detailed walkthrough of the new functionality of FieldEdge Basic. Click here to view a short walkthrough of a work order when using FieldEdge Basic.

  • Note: FieldEdge Basic is for those with the free mobile license, and does not replace the paid, full FieldEdge app. If you have a paid, full license for FieldEdge mobile, please continue to use our full FieldEdge application.

Login Screen

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The first screen you'll see when you open the new FieldEdge Basic app is the login screen. This screen has been updated to allow users to log in easily, with the added functionality for FaceID or FingerprintID. If a user is having issues logging in, they can easily click the Forgot Password link to reset their login credentials.

  • Note: After downloading the new app, you will need to use a valid email address to sign in. If you do not currently use a valid email to sign in to your FieldEdge account, please contact your office administrator to help you reset your login information.

Home Screen

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The home screen has undergone a complete facelift. We're consolidating information that's important to technicians while also making it easier to keep track of their timesheets. 

At the top of the assignments list, you'll see a new clock in button. This will allow technicians to easily clock in or out for their day. Users can click on the Timesheet option to get a summary view of their current and previous week's time. 

  • Note: If any time needs to be adjusted, a user in the office will need to adjust that time from the employee's timesheet.

With the new assignments list, users can easily see and filter the work orders that have been assigned. To help keep things more efficient, technicians can even click on the status icon of a work order and change it to traveling or working, without having to go into the work order.

At the bottom of the assignments list, you'll find the new and improved menu bar. This is where you can navigate back to the home screen, view notifications, and enter the settings menu.

Work Order Screen

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The new work order screen has been designed to show information concentrated to make it easier for the user to find. 


At the top of the screen, you'll find your customer information and service address. Clicking on the service address will now ask you which mapping software that you would like to use to find this address. Tapping on the Contact or Timeline button's will take you to the associated contact information, or show you the pinned note, work order or customer timeline notes. 

The work order details screen will give you a list of the work order description, scheduled time, and priority. Swiping on the details screen will give even more information, such as the work order number, customer PO, tags, business units, and the parent customer name. 

One highly requested feature, was the ability to change the primary technician from the field. With FieldEdge Basic, you now have that functionality. Users can click the blue hyperlink that says Multiple, and a new window will appear allowing them to select the new primary technician for this work order.


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We hope you enjoy FieldEdge Basic and can't wait to hear about your experience. It's because of your valued feedback that we're able to adapt and bring exciting new features to you and other FieldEdge Members. Don't forget, you can check out additional training videos, webinars, and business management courses by logging into FieldEdge Navigator.

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