Release Notes: March 10, 2023



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We're here with another exciting FieldEdge update! With this update, you'll find small but impactful updates that were inspired by member feedback along with some new and updated help center articles.

Office Updates

Allow 'Reply to Address' per Business Unit in Communication Templates

Based on member feedback, we've made an update that will allow members to use different 'Reply To' email addresses. The member can now type the characters [businessunit_email]. This will allow communication templates to use the reply to email that is set on the Edit Business Unit screen.



Agreement Discount Dropdown in the Call Screen

To help reduce any confusion around which agreement plan's discount is being applied to an invoice or quote of a work order, the pricing rules dropdown will now detect the default agreement plan name and display it.


Consolidated Time Entries with QuickBooks Desktop

Through feedback, we've learned that posting time entries to payroll in QuickBooks can create unnecessary entries and make the timesheet more difficult to understand and use. With this update, we are combining all Idle time entries that share the same class and pay item. We are also combining the traveling and working time for each work order. This should make time entries easier to read, while still being accurate.


FieldEdge Academy was Renamed to FieldEdge Navigator

We're changing the name of our FieldEdge Academy software training portal to FieldEdge Navigator! There, you'll find training resources that get you up to speed on new features, or just refresh your memory when you need it. If you have trouble remembering your login, we've made it easy to recover your account. Send us your information and we'll email you back your login credentials to FieldEdge Navigator.

  • Note: The changes to FieldEdge Navigator will be updated by March 13, 2023. 

New and Updated Help Center Articles

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