How to Create an Expense from FieldEdge Mobile



From the FieldEdge Mobile application, technicians have the ability to create expenses on a work order. Expenses are a way to include and track costs on a work order, such as equipment rental or permit fees. Follow the instructions below to learn how to create an expense when using the FieldEdge Mobile application.


1. First, tap into a Work Order on the Mobile FieldEdge application.

2. Next, swipe from the Work Order Details screen to the Parts Request screen.

3. From the Parts Request screen, tap on Add  Request/Expense.

4. Next, Tap Expense.

5. Fill out all the applicable fields for the expense.

  • Note: Depending on your company settings, you may be required to add a photo receipt of your expense. This can be done by clicking on the camera icon and selecting to add the photo from your gallery, or taking a photo with your camera.

6. When finished creating the request, tap on Save Expense.

7. Finally, you can continue your work order as you normally would. When you have changed the status and completed the work order, the expense will be uploaded and saved as well.

  • Note: Expenses will be added to the timeline of the work order as well as the profitability report, at the time of the expense creation. The expense will only attach to the work order if the work order has been completed from the mobile app, by the technician that created the expense. If the work order is completed from the office or is put back into pending status, the expense will not appear in the purchases tab of the work order.

Repeat these steps for any additional expenses you may need to create.

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