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With the introduction of the Empower Program, technicians can now automatically apply cash discounts when taking either cash or check payments with the FieldEdge Mobile Application. This allows for a huge value proposition when speaking with your customers. This article will provide the information needed to use cash discounts when taking payments from the field.


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Before you can begin offering a cash discount there are a couple of things that must be done prior. First, you'll need to make sure that the Empower Program has been enabled and set up properly within your FieldEdge database. You should have already spoken with a FieldEdge member to assist with this. You can also visit our Getting Started article for more information.

The next thing that you'll need to do is have a work order with an invoice that is ready to have a payment applied. It's important to note that the cash discount only applies to an invoice and will not affect a quote deposit. Once a quote has been accepted and converted into an invoice, the cash discount can then be applied.

  • Note: If you're a FieldEdge Payments member you can skip these instructions as customers will be able to apply their payments through the consumer portal.

1. First, open the Work Order with the Invoice that you'd like to have a payment applied.

2. Next, make sure the Work Order is in a Working status.

2. When you're ready to apply a payment, swipe to the Complete screen.

3. Next, verify the Amount is correct and click the Continue to Payments button.

  • Note: You'll see new fields added to the totals. Showing you that a cash discount is available, if a cash discount has been taken, and the total with the cash discount applied.

4. From here, tap on the Payment Type dropdown and choose the applicable method of Cash or Check.

  • Note: You'll notice that the total will automatically change to the total with a cash discount applied when you choose the Cash or Check payment method.

5.  Finally, verify the Payment Date and enter a Payment Authorization reference if needed, then click Save.

The payment should now be applied and you can verify the cash discount was successful by viewing the Cash Discount Taken field at the bottom of the invoice. Repeat these steps for any additional payments you'd like to apply.

  • Note: Cash discounts will not be shown or calculated on work orders and invoices created from a service agreement.

Consumer Portal

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If you're a FieldEdge Payments member, your customers can pay their invoices using the Consumer Portal. This will allow them to see that a cash discount is available, and FieldEdge will automatically apply the cash discount when the customer makes a payment with a checking account. Click HERE if you need more information on FieldEdge Payments.


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