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With the Empower Program members are able to offer a true cash discount within FieldEdge. This will help companies keep more profits and grow the business. Before you can start utilizing cash discounts you'll need to set up the Empower Program within FieldEdge. Follow the instructions in this article to learn how to set up the Empower  Program.


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When you sign up for the Empower Program a FieldEdge member will assist in your initial setup. However, there is some information that admin users will need to be aware of in the event they decide to change any settings. The instructions below will guide you through sections of the Empower Program where you may need more information.

Items List

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When working with a FieldEdge member on your setup, you'll need to prepare a list of items that may need to be removed from the cash discount markup option. We recommend going to your Items List in FieldEdge and exporting the list to a CSV file by clicking on the 3 dots at the top of the list and choosing Export All As CSV. You can also filter the list before exporting. For example, this would allow you to export a specific category that you would like to exclude from the cash discount markup. Follow the instructions in the video below for more information on how to exclude items from the cash discount markup option.

  • Note: The rate increase is separate from the cash discount. If an item is not included in the cash discount program that only prevents the rate from being increased. A discount will still be calculated for that item if the customer pays with a non-credit card type payment method.

If you would like to view or deactivate the cash discount program for an individual item, follow the below instructions.

1. First, click on Items from the left-side menu.

2. Next, select the Inventory or Non-Inventory Item that you want to adjust.

  • Note: You can see the Original Rate, along with the Card Rate. These rates are being calculated automatically from the Payment Settings information in the Settings menu.

3. If you want to deactivate the Cash Discount Program, uncheck the option to Include in Cash Discount Program.

4. Finally, click the Save button to update your database.

Repeat these steps for any additional items you'd like to deactivate from the Cash Discount Program.

Layout Templates

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With the Empower Program, we've added the ability to show any cash discounts that have been applied on specific layout templates. You'll need to make sure that you add these fields to the Invoice and Multi-Option Quote, Invoice and Quote, and finally the Invoice templates. Review the video or follow the instructions below to learn how to add these fields.

1. First, have the admin user click on the Settings icon, and under the Company, section choose Layout Templates.

2. From the list view, choose the Defaults option and select one of the Invoice Layout Types

  • Note: You will need to choose one of the three invoices listed at the top of the instructions section of this article. You'll repeat the steps for the additional layout templates listed.

3. Once you select your layout template, click the Billing option from the Sections list.

4. This will populate new Layout Elements. You'll need to drag and drop the Invoice Cash Discount Available, Invoice Cash Discount Taken, and the Invoice Total with Cash Discount into the layout template. 

  • Note: You can rearrange where these layout elements will appear. However, we recommend that you arrange them so that the invoice does not have an unusual page break.

5. Finally, click the Save button to update FieldEdge with your changes. Repeat these steps for any additional layout templates that you need to edit.

FieldEdge Flat Rate (Coolfront) and Profit Rhino

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If you are using FieldEdge Flat Rate or Profit Rhino,  you'll need to make sure that you update the prices in that software and import them again. Follow the instructions below to learn how to make these updates.

  • Note: If the item used on the Pricing Rules screen for Flat Rate Labor is included in the cash discount program, the labor rates for the flat rate shown on the pricing rules screen, agreement plan, and item screen will be multiplied by the rate increase when added to the invoice.

1. First, Log into FieldEdge Flat Rate and click the New Edition tab in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Next, choose the Pricing tab and then click Labor Rate Calculator.

3. From this section, increase the Rate as desired and then click the Save button.

4. Now, click the Parts Markup tab at the top of the section and then choose Parts Markup Calculator

5. Increase the Rate here and click Save.

6. Finally, click the Update Now option. This will queue those changes to be sent to FieldEdge that night or the following day. Repeat these steps for any additional rate increases that need to be imported.

Proposal Pro

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If you are using Proposal Pro, sometimes referred to as BizPro, Propose & Close, or FieldEdge Essentials you can increase all prices by following the instructions below.

1. First, log into BizPro as an Admin user.

2. Next click on More | Defaults | Company.

3. Finally, increase the Buy Down Rate % by the amount of the Rate Increase % in FieldEdge.

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