Getting Started: Empower Program



With FieldEdge's new Empower Program companies will be able to offer discounts on cash or check payments taken within FieldEdge. This is a great way to keep more of your profits and grow your business through cash discounting.

The following information will provide everything you need to get started with the Empower Program, as well as all of the important information you'll need going forward.

Click HERE if you are interested in receiving a demo or signing up for the Empower Program.

Table of Contents

Follow the steps below and click one of the associated links to learn how to set up and use cash discounting with the Empower Program.

  • Note: Admin users will need to follow the instructions for the How to set up the Empower Program article before other users will have the ability to use cash discounts in the office or on mobile.

1. How to set up the Empower Program

2. Using Cash Discounts in the Office with the Empower Program

3. Using Cash Discounts on Mobile with the Empower Program

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