Release Notes: November 29, 2022



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It's that time of year to celebrate and give thanks. FieldEdge is thankful to celebrate another update with all of our members! With this update, you'll see small but impactful updates to some integrations and improvements to our list views.

Office Updates

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Added Phone Integration Permissions

We've added the ability for Admin users to grant permissions that will allow users to download and/or delete phone records. This feature is automatically granted to Admin users and will allow you to have more control over who can download or delete call recordings.


Improved Multi-Select Functionality on List Views

We received feedback that when users are selecting multiple records in a list view that if they click slightly outside the box, it will open the record instead of adding it to the selection. Causing the user to return to the list and start over. With this update, we've adjusted the clickable range to include the space around the checkbox. We've also added the ability to check a box, then while holding the shift key, check another box lower in the list allowing FieldEdge to then check all boxes between the top and lower selections.


Additional Updates

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  • We've added multiple queries to our FieldEdge Payments Integration to occur multiple times before payment is removed from FieldEdge. This should help stop incomplete payments from showing in the payments portal but not in FieldEdge.
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